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We've only just begun...

Hi and thanks for stumbling into my site. Everything you find here is based on my idea of what I think is cool. Therefore you should only be amused by about 10% of the content.

As the content of this site grows, hopefully it will become more interesting as time goes on, until then let's just sit back and watch the pretty pictures.

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I've been hiking lately, here's some fotos and stories about those adventures (more)

I just finished a film about the band They Might Be Giants. Here's a link to some of their stuff including when the film will be hitting a theatre near you. (more)

I'm taking a trip to Belize. Check out the cool little town I'll be staying in. (San Pedro)

I just dug up my original site. Check it out. It's kinda silly, but fun. (Pudding)




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